Service List



For teams to function optimally it is of the utmost importance to:
• discover and understand the unique contribution, style, personality of each team member.
• improve communication
• understand and manage conflict
• discern values and understand the shared vision and set goals.

Women’s retreats

It is important to invest in one’s spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing to maximize potential.
Dunamislife offers a weekend or midweek breakaway for women to rejuvenate their strengths, grow spiritually, enhance emotional intelligence to overcome personal obstacles, and enjoy a spa treatment.

Individual life coaching

Life coaching is based on the results/findings of scientific measuring tools to identify the unique abilities, dreams, style and potential of every individual. A life coach comes alongside a person to discern and implement strategies for their life and to motivate and support them on their way to greatness.

Motivational speaker

Women’s ministry, camps and conferences, teaching opportunities, themed gatherings, table talks, etc.  provide excellent opportunities to motivate, encourage, teach and discuss Biblical principles for a Godly life.

Prepare for success in life

  • Make informed choices for tertiary studies and professional life.
  • Know yourself, understand your true identity, apply your strengths.
  • Prepare emotionally and spiritually for your future.
  • Discover ways to use your time wisely.